Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Whats up with the hating on Justin Bieber?

I was browsing youtube the other day, and stumbled upon this video of a gummybear dancing.
The comment that had the most positive ratings was "At least its better than bieber"
Now what the hell does that mean? What the fuck has Bieber got to do with anything?
Biebers music is manufactured just like everyone else in this industry.

Justin Bieber is a 16 year old pop artist that was lucky enough to get noticed by some well-established pop artists.
Months later after being discovered he was a sensasion among teenage girls.

Now obviously, when you get that much fame, you're bound to get haters, but when I see people over 16 years old saying hateful stuff/mocking others for liking bieber, then theres something really wrong with people.
At least Bieber can sing, compared to nearly everyone else thats doing what he does.

I remember being 12 and only listening to what my friends would listen to while being ashamed of my personal taste in music because I was an insecure piece of shit.
You'd think this would change by the time you venture into adulthood (16), but sadly it doesn't.
Instead you see those people that openly go around liking stuff that is hated by their peers (AKA hipsters), just so they can have some sense of uniqueness and self-worth.
But guess what asshole? your just as unique and retarded as anyone else.

Listen to what you want and shut the fuck up.


  1. You make a fair point - however there is something about him that, personally, just grates - maybe it's a generation thing... but you are right he's no worse than most manufactured/over produced music.

    Congratz on the 100!!!!

  2. Don't show his pictore on the internet! He is such a giant douche and turd sandwich xD..

  3. i don't like h8ters
    following and supporting

  4. LMFAOOO so true. Back when I was around 11 I use to listen to pop and rap which I oh so "loved" since my friends were listening to it and I hated the one thing I really did love, METAL \m/ The horns to you my friend, nice post.

  5. Yeah, it's kind of hypocritical to hate. When I was 12, I'll admit it, I listened to nsync, backstreet boys, hanson, etc. No good.

  6. People are jealous of the amount of success he has had at such a young age. If you don't like him or his music, then listen to something else. Pretty simple.


  7. True dat! (LOL)

    I honestly don't understand all the Bieber hate. I personally am rather indifferent. I have never even heard his music, but I dont even want to lol. Still, I dont see why I should go about bashing him or people who like the lucky bastard.. >:3

  8. I don't listen to Bieber myself, but I don't understand the hate either. I don't look down on people if they listen to him, and I would hope others would do the same. :(

  9. It's because Justin Bieber sounds like a little girl, and yet he tries to join the over-masculine group of rap and hip-hop stars in everything they do. He himself is a ridiculous little kid whose only claim to fame is that he sounds like a girl.

    I don't like many other artists, either. Tool is one of my favorite bands, but Maynard is a tool himself when he's saying we should persecute every music pirate ever. He's making BILLIONS. He can't even use it all.

    ~Randall A.

  10. couldnt agree more. people are just hating on him because they hate the fact that he's achieved more in his life than they have at such a young age.

  11. Haters gonna hate, let 'em hate and hate their hating.

  12. Bieber kicks ass, did you hear he might be going to Best Korea?

  13. Its really just a bit of jealousy. And i admit that little girl frustrates me too. I can see why he is popular. Just not that popular. IDK.

  14. that's what i think too, ppl like to say shit about other ppl tastes everywhere, bullshit

  15. Biebs is just something people love to hate on currently. I will say though that, in my opinion, his voice is horrible.

  16. I notice the same thing on every music video on youtube.

    I don't think he's a good artist by any means, but alot of people seem to have this unseen hatred torwards his music.

    People like to judge a fanbase or something dumb more than they do the music itself. It pisses me off.

  17. o yes he is awesome im going to see is movie
    (no in your dream)

  18. I agree. You don't have to like the guy but you can't just shit on his music in the comments.

    "Listen to what you want and shut the fuck up"


  19. I think a lot of people have decided he gets a lot more credit than he deserves, and on top of that they never liked his music in the first place.

    I personally don't enjoy it, but I don't hate the guy or anything.

  20. I have to admit, I really admire how far he's come. He's pretty inspirational, and all the excess hate is just silly--the people who mindlessly bash him are bigger sheep than his fans, as far as I'm concerned.

  21. that chick is kind of ugly.
    Will follow daily for tits.
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  22. everyone is just jealous. also, his haircut is cheating. and his songs are lame.

  23. I know exactly where you're coming from. Of course Justin Bieber's music is bad, next. I don't see how people can hate him so much that they talk trash about him all the time. There's a lot of pop music I don't listen to, I just do what normal people do and ignore it.

  24. I haven't the slightest problem with his music. However, I feel that allowing children to idolize someone that is so bland, acceptable, kid save - parent approved is a HUGE negative.

    I don't know where I would be as a person if my idols when I grew up had been so generic. By worshiping him the way they do, Children are applauding mediocrity and perpetuating the stereotype of what a "good kid" should be.

    It's just... not healthy. Kids need some rebellion. Some of my most cherished childhood memories involve listening to Korn and breaking a few windows!

  25. Hate doesn't have to have any really reasoning behind it man. I hate the little fucker because he's being managed by older people to exploit younger impressionable kids. And the kid auto-tuned ass voice makes me want to kill things. Either way, following.

  26. I totally agree with the demotivational. Justin bieber is awesome. Oh-wait.

    Seriously, he got an excuse, he's a preteenager. But his music is okay for pop/hiphop/dontknowwhat'sthiscrap

  27. He CAN'T sing, actually. His voice is autotuned in every song. Can people not even tell anymore?

    I've heard some tracks of him singing sans-effects, and it 'aint pretty.

    And that right there, in a nutshell, is why people hate him. He's put up as some kind of musical prodigy, when he clearly isn't.

  28. The quintessential problem I have, not only with Justin Beiber, but with all of mainstream media is the lack of talent that has slipped it's way to being acceptable for music these days.

    The face of that horrible monster and reminder changes all the time, like some of you said, we had N'Sync, Backstreet Boys, and all those tacky bands that sold themselves for a quick buck and some easy poontang. I don't blame them, but when people lose sight of what makes music beautiful and relevant to where music can really take you, it makes my hatred for the new face of "pop", aka Justin Beiber, grows immensely.

    Now I know that any of you could grab a song from a band I listen to, analyze the living crap out of it and sit there claiming it has no better musical talent and/or the lyrical content is atrocious and I'm fine with that. But I know that the people that sat there and made that music put THEIR hard earned money and work into it, without a corporate Producer sitting there with a hard-on, excited about the "potential" this music could have over the youth's of American Teeny Boppers.

    Justin Beiber's main demographic are 2-18 year old girls, so to tell me that you can entertain millions of little girls, is about as easy and talentless as putting a dog on TV holding beer on a tray(you're welcome superbowl commercials) hell if your dog can balance a tray I'm more than impressed.

    All that put aside, my real beef is when the kid described himself as the "Kurt Cobain of this generation". To have grandiose thoughts of yourself, comparing yourself to a man that changed the direction of music in the 90's without even wanting to, is blasphemy. This little boy is just the American Wet Dream in the flesh and it's sad. Putting that mark in the eyes of the rest of the world as what an American is and likes is something that I do not want to be associated with. EVER.

    So that's why Justin Beiber gets made fun of.

    ~thank you for reading :D

  29. Well, at least he will prolly OD at a young age, just like Kobain did.

  30. Bieber is a shining example of excellent marketing. He's a poster child for well-produced material for a specific audience, and regardless of the haters and the screeching fangirls, he's still the one standing up and owning that image.

    I respect him as an actor, at the least- regardless of the post-production his singing may undergo, he's part of an industry that produces popular (not necessarily *good*) music.

    Props for calling the insecure pretentious folks out. Accidental hipster here and enjoying it.

  31. All I see is a bunch of censor bars. Thank you Justin block =D